proud sponsor of the  Alaska Family Child care  food program


Mission Statement

Alaska Family Child Care Association promotes and develops quality professional home based child care and early education.


Alaska Family Child Care Association is a member based non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization committed to providing early childhood education and community resources to the childcare provider community within the state of Alaska.  AFCCA is also the sponsor and governing Board for the Child & Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) for the Anchorage and Matsu regions.

AFCCA began in 1983 by a group of family child care providers interested in increasing quality child care in Alaska.  It is overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors, which consist of a variety of members from the community, often including licensed home childcare providers.  These individuals are committed to assisting the members and the community in early childcare education by sharing their own professional knowledge and experiences to achieve the association’s goals.

Alaska Family Child Care Association Goals

Membership Benefits
* Discounted Annual Conference Rates
* Provided Resources and Supplies to Assist in Child Care Facility Needs (as funds allow)
* Discount on Training Classes - Many are CDA Approved
* Provide networking among providers, parents, and community resources
* Current Updates on Licensing Codes
* Serve on the Board and/or Committees
* Vote at Board Meetings and Participate in Childcare Events
* Maintaining a lending library of books and toys
* Membership Certificate - Good for one year from date issued
* Recruit members

* Presenting an annual statewide conference
* Presenting a variety of informational workshops
* Facilitating accreditation and professional development

* Hire an Executive Director to operate CACFP for Anchorage and Matsu Regions
* Maintain a Finance Committee with "No Conflict of Interest" Members and Chair to monitor and provide oversight of the CACFP ED and Budget/Actions.
* Utilize local resources to support administration

* Review and update bylaws for the Association periodically
* Policies and Procedures for the Association
* Review and comply with all local and state requirements

* Maintain a budget for the Association
* Fundraising to increase opportunities for services to members
* Research and procuring of grants to obtain increased funding to maintain
   and augment service delivery
* Annual audit

Additional History of AFCCA

The Alaska Family Child Care Society was formally started on August 9, 1983. The charter members were Jo Bybee, President; Rosa Giancaspero, Vice President; Roxie Greer, Secretary; and Debbie Alexander, Treasurer. It was originally formed as a networking organization. All functions were social events with training as a second function.

Monthly meetings/workshops were held with the entire membership. In 1986/87, AFCCS received a three year Education & Training Grant from the State of Alaska to fund a quarterly newsletter (printing and mailing), quarterly workshops (with a trainer stipend), and travel funds to offer training and recruitment in chapter areas. Changes were made to quarterly general membership meetings when monthly board meetings and training became more important.

AFCCS was often asked to represent family child care providers on a number of community, local, and state committees. Later we were also asked to comment on state licensing regulations.

AFCCS began offering the food program in January 1987, now called the Alaska Family Child Care Food Program. In March 1990, AFCCS held the first family child care conference . The first Provider of the Year was October 1990 and later was reestablished in May 2005 as part of a Provider Appreciation Day events.

The named changed from Alaska Family Child Care Society to Alaska Family Child Care Association in 1994 to reflect the affiliation with National Family Child Care Associations and the continued movement toward professionalism.

Today, the Alaska Family Child Care Association continues its march toward promoting and supporting quality child care by providing training, networking and support groups, and mentoring to child care providers and more. This organization belongs to its members and can be what you want it to be. If a member needs mentoring, we have members that will mentor providers about their business. If a member needs training, AFCCA has increased the availability of training and other resources.

This is your organization. An organization for family child care providers and advocates of family child care. Please join us as our organization grows and continue the history of the Alaska Family Child Care Association. To Be Continued...for years to co